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How to Sell Lightroom Presets (And Make Them Too)

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Are you a photographer who loves photo editing? Do you spend hours in Lightroom tweaking an image? This article is for you if you approach photo post-processing as a creative art form! Funnel your technical knowledge and creativity and we’ll show you how to sell Lightroom presets.

This article will go through how to create Lightroom presets to sell step-by-step. Along the way, we will give you tips on making the most marketable presets and how to package your creations.

Market your presets on social media. Use your presets to edit photos and post them on Instagram. Be sure to include before and after photos. Emphasize the look you get with this preset and how easy it is to use.

How to Price Presets

Pricing presets is tricky. Preset packs sell for a wide variety of prices. Some cost hundreds of dollars—others are just a few dollars. Plus, there are many free presets out there.

Photographers with a reputation or a large social media following can charge more for presets. These photographers have a unique look to their photos that others want to emulate.

There is no fixed way to price your preset pack. Look at other presets on platforms to find a general price range. Price your product competitively but on the high side. You can always add a discount or have a sale.

It all comes down to what photographers will pay. Remember, photographers value quality presets that make photo editing easier.


Lightroom presets cut to the chase and create a mood with one click. If Lightroom editing comes easy to you, you may be able to market your abilities and sell them. All you need to learn is how to sell Lightroom presets effectively.

An amateur photographer may like a look but not know how to achieve it in Lightroom. They will pay money if presets help them find their vision. Busy professional photographers who have dozens or even hundreds of photos to post-process also value presets. Using a preset saves time, and time is worth money!

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